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Lara Fuentes Tapia is a full-service law firm with more than 20 years assisting our clients in Mexico and abroad.

We are governed by the principles of commitment, integrity and transparency, which favors long term relationships with our clients.

The specialization of our practice areas responds to the professional training of our team and the knowledge of the context, trends and the industry; to provide strategic and sustainable solutions, capitalizing on the different perspectives of the team.

We are active members of international institutions, which allows us to identify areas of opportune growth, to develop the legal solutions we offer.


To provide efficient and sustainable solutions to our clients in the legal area in order to offer results that provide certainty and permanence.



To be a firm with a people-centered culture that takes advantage of the diversity of perspectives, experiences, skills and knowledge to provide integral solutions in the legal areas, giving certainty and peace of mind to our clients.




  • Integrity and transparency "Keeping promises and doing the right thing".

  • Commitment "Understanding the role and acting accordingly".

  • Disruptive Spirit "Generating ideas that change environments, processes and people"

  • Focus on people "Creating spaces for integral health and wellness"

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David Lara

Law degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana, with postgraduate studies in constitutional matters at the UNAM and a master's degree in Private Law from the Universidad Anahuac del Norte. Member of ANADE. Specialist in executing legal and business solutions that provide legal certainty and have contributed to the growth, tranquility and permanence of individuals and companies.


He has participated in the solution of judicial conflicts of great impact for Mexico and at an international level. He has also contributed in the formation of professionals thanks to his participation as assistant professor in Civil Law at the Universidad Iberoamericana and in Commercial Law at the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM).


His contribution has also extended to the teaching of courses and conferences to professionals and active members of the Association of Public Brokers of the CDMX, in the AMDAAC (Mexican Association of Self Storage), among others.


15 years of experience support his knowledge and his intervention as a strategist in defenses, attacks and prevention of trials and procedures in corporate and business law, civil law, commercial law, family law and civil, family and commercial procedural law.

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